Hot Rod LLC is the parent company for a growing network of hot rod “how to” websites that started in 2010. Back then, we set up a one-page website at TBucketPlans.com after working with Chester Greenhalgh to digitize his legendary How to Build a T-Bucket Roadster for Under $3000.

With the success of that endeavor, Chester Greenhalgh went on to author 4 more popular budget hot rod “how to” eBooks which we publish:

Our second website, StreetRodPlans.com, was launched in 2011 as a vehicle to market Bob Hamilton‘s outstanding StreetRod 101 Hot Rod Frame and Chassis Construction DVD.

Following the enthusiastic reception to that DVD, we worked with Bob to produce 4 more very popular StreetRod 101 “how to” DVD sets:

Along the way we’ve continued to add to our library of T-Bucket hot rod plans, while adding plans for specialized hot rod suspensions as well as chassis plans for Model A hot rods and nostalgic Willys and Anglia gassers.

If that’s not enough, we’ve produced over 200 informative blog posts on notable T-Bucket hot rods of the past, built up a library of YouTube videos and started a podcast about T-Buckets.

And we’re still not done.